Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bluebird report for this week

I thought I might give a short bluebird report this week. For those who know me, you know that I am working with Eastern Bluebirds for my research.

Well, one would think that with the ice storm that hit the country in February, the bluebirds would be getting off to a late start. But NO.... NOT OUR Bluebirds!!!

I'm thinking that they thought it was TEOTWAWKI and so set to work almost two weeks early!! and are lying eggs left and right. I'm already watching for the first four nests to hatch, they are due any day now!!!

So my thought is that the storm wiped out all the weak and unhealthy bluebirds and so we are left with the super healthy ones, and they are not wasting time.

I plan on following these first few nests to see just how well they do, because we are still getting cold snaps. Yesterday was down right cold and today was still chilly. I won't be using them in my research, just want to see if the nest fledges. I am hoping so.

As a side note, I was coming home today and saw a license plate that said "WELUVKJ" which tickled me since my initials are KJ. I felt loved.