Thursday, July 31, 2014

what is it with asking for donations?

Ok, I've had this blog for a LONG time.... and so far it hasn't ever cost me one penny.

So why are so many blogs asking for donations?  I'm not talking about those blogs which are FOR some specific need... like those that inform us about a kiddo that needs special medical attention.  I read a couple of blogs that have that.  One is where a gentleman and his wife have taken in a couple abused women.  That is great and I have NO problem with that at all.  Blogs ARE a great way to help that way.

I'm talking about blogs like mine, where someone is just posting their own opinion on things and their own observations on things.  One blog I read is a political blog and the guy just jabbers about politics.  THAT is the kind I'm wondering about.

Why do they need the money?  Are they hiring people to find information for them??? well if so, that is their decision.

You won't ever see a donation button on any of my blogs.  This is just me but I really don't understand it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Emotional Overload

I really think this country is on overload... emotional overload.

I know I am.

Just think about all the scandals that we've been dealt these past five years.  Or even go back to 9/11.  I think it really started there??? maybe.  Maybe it began with JFK being killed.

Or heck 1914 WWI.  Yeah we could say there.... (maybe even as far back as the Eden?)

But for the past half dozen years, I've noticed that it has just been one thing after another that WE THE PEOPLE are expected to swallow.

Just think, we have 100's of MORE taxes NOW than when we dumped the tea in the harbor.

Try to count how many times YOUR income is taxed.  Just try.  I gave up at 34 times.

It doesn't stop at your paycheck with holding.

And the scandals from the IRS to Fast and Furious to the pitiful actions of the current president.  (hey that was a key word, I'm sure the NSA will now be alerted)  We have KIDS coming over the border illegally because they were sent by those who think they will have a better life.  What kind of parents put their kids in the hands of CRIMINALS AND RAPISTS AND DRUG CARTELS??????? Seriously what is WRONG with these parents????  There has been no increase of bad stuff down there.

Are you numb yet?  Because that is what they want.  They want you numb so when they come and take your home and stuff to give to those who have nothing, they don't want a fight from you.

You'll be of the mind "if you can't fight them, join them".

It's disgusting what is happening all over.  It is upsetting and frightening and unwanted.

What can a person do?

Join the military?  that won't work.  they fight for the wrong thing now.

I'm sure I'll be killed because I am NOT numb.  Each and every single scandal breaks my heart and strengthens me to be a better person, rebel when and where I can and keep a low profile.

I'm not numb because I see HOPE and I see a brighter future.  To me, all these things that are occurring mean that the end of all this wickedness is near and I can't wait.

Ps 35:10  All my bones will say: “O Jehovah, who is like you? You rescue the helpless from those who are stronger, The helpless and the poor from those who rob them."

Ps 37:10 Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more;
You will look at where they were,
And they will not be there.
11 But the meek will possess the earth,
And they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Two things, then I'll leave ya alone

First, I found THIS blog very interesting yesterday.  He talks about how we humans are tribal and not really hard wired for society today.  You may want to subscribe to his is usually interesting.

Second, for all you MadMax fends, I mean followers.... here is the trailer for the new movie:

Mad Max: Fury Road

Friday, July 25, 2014

oh what can I yak about today?

There is so much going on in the world today.  So many scandals that I wonder exactly what is it that the government is trying to numb us to?  Seriously we are all going through desensitization with the dozens and dozens of scandals.  Just one HALF of one of them should have gotten the pres impeached or forced to step down.  Heck look at how we 'hate' Nixon for ONE lie.  

Then again, maybe we simply do not want Biden for president???  LOL!  

There is no doubt in MY mind that things are going downhill fast.  

And as for all those kiddos coming into the country illegally; hey all you liberals who are demanding we "care" for them... go down and get ya one or two to take care of.  

Yes they SHOULD be cared for, but their PARENTS are the ones who are responsible for them.  

Heck if every liberal goes down and gets just one, why there will be many liberals left over to get one when the next wave of kids get over the boarder.  

Oh btw, the child trafficking law is NOT the law we are saying Obama and his admin is breaking, it is ALL THE OTHER LAWS that deal with the border, like the one that says it is suppose to be SECURE.....

It's sad that liberals just want to throw money (OTHER peoples money, not their own) at problems instead of actually FIXING problems. 

You conservatives are not much (if any) better.  

The whole lot of ya should be tried for treason to the people of the USA.  But that is just my opinion which is not worth anything to anyone but me.

But then I'm not surprised at how it is all going down and how it is all crashing.  Soon it will all change and most people will be dumbstruck wondering what just happened.  

Then it will really get nasty.  That will be the time to disappear from all humanity.  Not there is anywhere on this earth one can hide from what is coming.  Everyone is going to be affected, so don't lie to yourself.  

However.... all this does not mean there are not GOOD people out there.  Heck look at the MILLIONS that has been raised TO help those kiddos!   Yes MILLIONS!  There is no doubt in my mind that Americans are also the MOST generous people on earth.  

I've seen single parents donate their last dollar to someone who had no dollar.  I've seen SO much generosity and this tells me that there will be survivors of what is coming and I have no doubt it will be these one's with so much love AND COMPASSION in their hearts.  

Thanks for listening to me vent and rant!  I do hope you have a great day/weekend/life!  :).