Thursday, July 31, 2014

what is it with asking for donations?

Ok, I've had this blog for a LONG time.... and so far it hasn't ever cost me one penny.

So why are so many blogs asking for donations?  I'm not talking about those blogs which are FOR some specific need... like those that inform us about a kiddo that needs special medical attention.  I read a couple of blogs that have that.  One is where a gentleman and his wife have taken in a couple abused women.  That is great and I have NO problem with that at all.  Blogs ARE a great way to help that way.

I'm talking about blogs like mine, where someone is just posting their own opinion on things and their own observations on things.  One blog I read is a political blog and the guy just jabbers about politics.  THAT is the kind I'm wondering about.

Why do they need the money?  Are they hiring people to find information for them??? well if so, that is their decision.

You won't ever see a donation button on any of my blogs.  This is just me but I really don't understand it.

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