Friday, May 25, 2012

Do you have long hair gentlemen (and ladies)

Now I have very long hair and I thought I was a bit eccentric because I can totally relate to this article. Always when my hair is longer I can 'sense' things much better. And I can tell the difference from when I pull it up in a bun like mess or put it in a braid.
And I wonder if there is any connection of why I like long hair on men... SOME men ... not all... some just look tacky. No offense intended there fella's. Maybe it helps I've some Native American in me? lol! Anyways a VERY interesting article.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things I miss about Michigan...

I was raised in Michigan and no longer live there. I never thought I would miss ANYTHING from there but now that I'm older (and wiser) I find myself looking back and longing for a few things..... 1) Kogel's meats: especially their Vienna Weiners and pickled bologna 2) Sunset at 10PM in the summer! 3) all the LAKES!!!! 4) Thunderstorms 5) My gramma's house 6) Pickin' berries "up north" at my other grandma's 7) NO chiggers!!!! or Ticks!!! 8) the small town "cheese" that tastes SO GOOD!! Colby that LOOKS and tastes like COLBY! 9) "Hadly Hills" (small out of the way place where we kids could ROAM in the "wild", use to be a cave there but someone shot it up and it collapsed just before we moved back in .... 1970 something... 10) the OLD cool looking houses 11) small family farms 12) deer hunting in the winter, trudging through snow and stepping in small creeks where you get soaked and have to go home and drink hot chocolate while you sit with your bare feet up in front of the stove 13) SNOW -but I hear there is not too much there now a days :( 14) The schools! GASP! Did I just say that??? lol! I will deny it if anyone tells! 15) going UP NORTH! 16) living on a 'mitten' 17) being an hour ahead of "everyone" hehehe 18) being on the far FAR FAR end of the New Madrid fault (instead of being smack dab on it) 19) the not so humid humidity (much less than down here in the south) 20) the people who talk fast and in an interesting accent 21) the get it done NOW attitude (not like down here where the attitude is "we'll git 'raund to et" 22) gardening seemed so much easier up there!! 23) smelt dippin' 24) pan fry perch for breakfast 25) did I mention all the LAKES??? 26) Bob Seger 27) the Great LAKES! 28) The Lighthouse cheeseburgers! 29) handymen! (are there still handymen around there???) 30) white birch trees! Sadly all these wonderful things cannot lure me back to MI because there is one con that prevents it: my evil stepmother. 'nough said about that.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Breast feed your kids until they are how old?

ok, I'm all for breast feeding your baby but a three year child?

TIME has done a story on this

The link just talks about the magazine and shows the cover. Yes that is a three year boy standing on a chair and breast feeding from his mom.

I'm not really sure if I want to read the actual article or not.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mosquito eaters...?

That's what I call them, but never seen any eat any skeeters!!!!

sorry for any blurriness, it was me; just ain't got a steady hand anymore.
yeah, I caught some hankie pankie goin' on! lol!

So do you agree that this is "ART"?

My college had this latest piece of ART on campus:

How about this?

or maybe this? (btw, there was a display inside the library of a "package" and somehow the memo did not get all around to all members of the staff that it would be there so they called 911 and the bomb squad. They evacuated the library too. lol)

oh and I must not forget the "Monster" that is NOT really a piece of art but just a structure that ran out of money to finish:

Monday, May 7, 2012

soon to be mine, all MINE!!!! MINE I SAY!

Here is the place I bought them..... look around and maybe you'll find a few new toys too! I've been saving up for something special for myself :D