Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Story

Ok, so someone (I forget who it was) posted a small comment on one of my favorite boards about a story a lady was writing and had been writing for over a year. A preparedness story with the twist of Zombies tossed in.

I have to admit that I was skeptical since zombie stories are not my favorite type but I meandered over to the site and looked up the story.

Well I was hooked, so here's the link so you can be hooked also:

I went ahead and joined the forum but have not checked it all out yet; been obsessed with reading "Kathy's" story!!!! I even slowed down with my moving to read it. ALL 167 pages of it. WOW! this lady can write.

The story is not all zombies either, they do play a part (especially love all the "types" of zombies that are in it) but it is full of real people and relationships with a huge dose of humor and some zany and wonderful characters.

So GO and check out her story, but be warned: if you get hooked, plan on reading it until you are done!!!!!

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