Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainy day

We are having a rainy day today. I've been a bit under the weather, I'm thinking head cold, my son is thinking "SWINE FLU". LOL! I love it when the "kid" becomes the "over protective parent".

So I was sitting back this morning and thinking of all the projects I've seem to manage to get going and thinking of the best way to organize them.

I have school projects and home projects and "teaching" projects which are different from my school projects.

Home projects:
tile floors
paint walls
assemble shed
design and make raised beds (I have four at least in mind)
finish moving

School projects:
Bluebirds and their defense
Bluebirds and their prey delivery
Bats and Fish
Rabies vaccine donations

Teaching projects:
grade all those exams and papers
decide on drawings

AND I really think I'm forgetting something!!!

As a most important note: I've added a link to a really GOOD blog with a LOT of useful info. This is just getting started but I am familiar with the guy and he knows his stuff. It's the "Freedom of the Hills" link over on the right. He is an excellent writer! And I'm hoping he puts his stories on there also.

take care!

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