Saturday, October 16, 2010

is it really better to have loved and lost....?

There is a saying that it is better to have loved and lost, then never loved at all.

I am not sure if I do or do not agree.

Seems LOVE is so shallow these days, I have to wonder if anyone has even felt real love. People hooking up with a different person every week or so -having sex...thinking that is all there is. It is no wonder our kids are so screwed up.

no one even KNOWS what commitment even IS! Vows are made to be broken if someone simply get bored or their partner doesn't cook dinner right or actually is exhausted and can not perform six times a day. So it is off to find a new partner.

No one really TALKS anymore either: it's all text messages, blogs, emails, instant messages, and an awkward "hi how are ya" when you actually do run into a person you know at the store.

People are becoming people-phobic. Forgetting (or not learning) social graces, respectful discourse, and genuine happiness at just seeing a loved one.

As the world gets smaller, we pull ourselves in even tighter; pretending that we are reaching out via all this faux means of communication.

We are forgetting about our fundamental need to physically see and interact with each other.

We are accepting less than what we are truly needing.

What does that say about us? And where is this going to lead us?

I've watched our species go from neighbors knowing neighbors and children outside playing (ALL the kids) all day long -every day and mostly not needing supervision -to us not even knowing, let alone saying 'hi' to the neighbors and kids INSIDE playing video games or on the computer as they get fat.

Worry about child predators scooping up our kids if they go outside and they are hunted online.

Worrying about where our next paycheck is coming from in this economy. Worried about being able to feed our kids.

Some have taken steps to ease many of the worries. They have become 'prepared' or are in the process of 'preparing'.

Many teach their kids what it is really like out in the world and teach them to protect themselves for those times they are not around mom and dad (or just mom or just dad). Many raise gardens, chickens, etc... so they know there will be food to eat. Others buy on sale and stock up that way so they also know there will be food to eat. Many have begun to make things last! No more toss it in the garbage cause I can get another one -type of mentality. Rinse, reuse, fix, reuse again...etc. People are getting their bills paid off so no one can take their car or home if they lose their job.

And remarkably, a small amount of people are actually getting to know real people again. They may meet them online but then they meet them in person and really get to know them. Friendships are being forged. These ones are proving the old age adage that everything is basically neutral: it can be used for good or for bad.

So I hope more begin to use all this "new technology" in good and positive ways. And do not allow it to be the ONLY form of communication with people you have.

So is it really better to love and lost? I still don't know; seems I went off on a tangent in a totally different direction...yet it does still tie in. lol! typical me. I guess I'm saying that we will never really know since so much of what we now think of as 'love' really isn't. Too many are NOT experiencing real love; the kind you DO fight for and DO take seriously.

Have a great day!

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