Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is this just the beginning?

(Sept. 15) -- His neighbors call it "Cabbagegate." And it cost Steve Miller a lot of green. The Clarkston, Ga., man was fined $5,200 for growing too many vegetables in his backyard.


this new food bill that is in congress will promote similar incidents, I REALLY think. Maybe it's time to totally enclose my yard with a nice tall fence which can then be covered! One giant "can see through" top on my yard.

Then of course my light bill will go sky high ....

just can't win it seems!


  1. Grow what you want. To hell with the bureaucrats!

  2. I do. I can't wait for the gov to try to enforce on a large scale all the crap in the food bill! There are SO many here that trade veggies from the garden...I can just SEE all the zucchini sent to the white house in protest with little notes: "well since we cannot give this to our neighbors YOU take care of it!" lol!


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