Sunday, February 19, 2012

A "Sign" of the Times?

I've been by the "Store" every day, twice a day, for over two years. Yesterday morning there were bright neon pink signs over all the windows and doors, effectively "sealing" the small building up. One sign was at least three feet square.

The business? A Dog Groomers called "The Shaggy Dog". How often I ever saw anyone actually there? Once there was about 8 cars "after hours" and once I actually saw a dog being groomed through one of the huge windows in the small building.


What the heck? I have NEVER seen a sign like that. That place never did any business! How could they even HAVE sales tax?

I'm sure this is just the beginning of things like this happening.

And yet the same town opened four new restaurants in the last month or so and every day they are packed. I've yet seen the parking lots have few enough cars in them for me to even think about checking them out. Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Cheddar's, and Pandera Bread.

Worked on my own personal income taxes; actually made LESS than last year but will receive almost $300 LESS back. Not even enough to actually pay to have my taxes done. I usually get enough to pay off my state taxes, personal county taxes, pay to have my taxes done, and go out to a nice place for dinner with my family.

Went and picked up a few groceries yesterday and a 5# bag of sugar had risen in price $1.58 in two days.

Yes I do think the "end" is closer than ever.

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