Saturday, August 25, 2012

Is HSUS REALLY "for" the animals???? or just another company looking for profit?

[Humane Society of the United States]

In one of my yahoo groups, a member named Dean posted this (yes I am stealing it from him):

The HSUS is much like PETA. They take in millions of dollars every year but use this money to create new laws to reduce the rights of the average citizen to raise and keep livestock or pets for their own purposes.

.They're NOT a humane society,
.They don't focus on rescuing animals, and
.They use their donors' money to line their own pockets and attack our
way of life.

The majority of Americans (71% in fact) believe HSUS to be a collection of local humane societies. They would be wrong.

The net assets HSUS had at the end of 2009 was $187 Million. They released the fact that they have $2.6 Million of their tax free donation money placed in an employee retirement fund. They spent over $48 Million last year for fund raising dinners and other events to hob nob with the rich Hollywood celebrities and gather the mother load that these famous people are asked to donate.

If you are sending these people the requested donation of $19 per month which they ask for in their TV ad, then you should now be feeling like a dummy. They never got that far with me.

Less than 1% of their total donations goes toward helping any animal in any way. They do not own a single animal shelter and are not in the business of finding animals new homes as their ads suggest.

Below is a spoof ad film produced by people who are against the HSUS and their onion cutting tactics to get people to part with their hard earned money. I even know a few kids who worked during the summer to gather up money from odd jobs thinking that they were doing a good deed by sending this hard earned money to HSUS.

HSUS: Lawyers In Cages

Here is a site with more facts about the HSUS and their agenda.

It seems like the people who really care about the earth, protecting the animals, and tending the land are being used to gather money which will later be used to destroy everything that they hold important.

Groups like these work like Monsanto and Tyson. If you give them money somewhere down the chain they will eventually own your soul and put you out of business or destroy your personal way of life.

I watched the show Houston SPCA on Animal planet and have never before seen a smoother job done of stealing livestock from farmers and ranchers. One complaint was supposedly reported about a mame goat and tyhe SPCA showed up with livestock trailers and the local police force to force compliance and removal of all animals on the premises.

There were no abused nor starved animals on the entire place but every animal was seized and hauled away just because of one goat with a bad front leg. I am not an educated Veteranarian with a degree but I could tell just from looking that the only thing wrong with the goat was that it had arthritis in it's knee as is common in the entire species.

Before the show was over the judge awarded custody of the LIVESTOCK to the SPCA who had already scattered them to the 4 winds and had them in the custody of their close friends within the week. The real owners were still going to legally contest the decision [supposed to be just a hearing] and the SPCA also tagged the owners in court with a Vet bill for over $5,000 and that wasn't counting feed and care. That was for vet inspection and the care of one old goat with an arthritic knee. Who could afford vet care for their livestock with standard fees like those?

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