Thursday, September 20, 2012

blogger has gone nuts

Looks like blogger has switched me to their new format. I can't even see my stats because of the ads they've inserted on the page. ugh! why do people have to go and ruin something when it does not need to be fixed??


  1. Hi Kellie,

    Yup. I just love "changes." One thing I will never understand is why software makers think that moving the buttons around is an improvement.


  2. Myspace changed things and lost a LOT of 'business'. Facebook has also changed things and people are using it less and less.

    Now blogger has changed and I've noticed that many of the blogs I use to follow have 'gone dark'.

    I could understand a more streamlined format but all they did was like you said, move the buttons around. And they now have ads everywhere.

    I think it's a conspiracy by the ad agencies. lol!

    thanks for stopping by! :)


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