Sunday, November 3, 2013

the gov healthcare website

Yes that failure of a website.  They've spent over 600,000 DOLLARS on that thing.... and it failed.

They could have given every citizen of the USA TWO MILLION BUCKS and 1) we would be ahead of things and 2) we could have paid CASH for any health problems we ever would have needed.

and the best one 3) that would have jump started our economy BIG time.  Cause the majority of us, yep myself included, would NOT have saved that money but went out and spent it!

heck even if they had given us each 1 million bucks, it would have been win win!  lol!

I would have paid off my student loans and did some major things to my home that I've been wanting to do to improve it.  AND still had $$$ left over.

What would YOU have done?

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