Sunday, December 21, 2014

The LONGEST night

So tonight is suppose to be the longest night of the year.

I'm always glad to see this night come and GO! Especially GO!  lol!  I love LONG day light hours.  (but not necessarily the heat or humidity).

So to ease my "distress", I tend to order seeds that I can plant in a month or so in pots to transplant later. Well this year, I've got a set up in my classroom.  I've already got coffee and agave seeds going in there. And several "carnivorous" plants for future lesson plans.  These ones take WEEKS to germinate.

During this break, I will be setting up several lesson plans on genetics and DNA.  I hope to get MORE of the kiddo's interested.  More 'hands on' stuff and more research for them.  Got Chromebooks for them.  However, several students are destructive and that may control the usage of them.  sigh.  so senseless.

Anyways, the days will be getting longer and I love that!  

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