Monday, July 26, 2010

all brown thumbs

I am a person who loves plants. I love saving seed, planting seeds, watching the young seedlings grow, doing all I can to help them along....etc.


I have the brownist/blackist thumbs ever. Currently I have about a half dozen tomato plants and NONE have any fruit. A couple had a few flowers but none have any fruit.

I have two green pepper plants that I had in the green house from last year (from which I had only gotten ONE fruit from) which now each have one fruit. These are plants that I practically ignored since LAST year.

I think my problem is I'm trying to use just pots this year. I will be working on raised beds for my yard and hopefully get them going this fall for next year. There will only be a couple, three at the most. It's all I really need.

But sometimes I wonder why I ever bother. MOST of the seeds I start don't make it. Those that do, only grow "so high" and then stop growing for some reason. So I usually end up buying a few plants at a local nursery and those have grown this year but are not producing anything.

No tomatoes, no cuc's, no squash, and only six beans so far.

UGH! Why do I have to love plants SO much and yet be SO bad at growing them?????

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