Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finding interesting blogs

Have you ever checked out someones blog and then clicked on those they follow? and then those THEY follow? lol! I do that a lot! And in doing so today, found a blog that caught my attention:


I've not read the whole thing yet but it seems to be updated regularly and has some really good links on it.

oh, btw, it's on wilderness medicine from what I can tell.

Now if you like to read about TEOTWAWKI stories; HERE is a good writer! This is the beginning of just one of her stories. She also has a 'zombie' story going on HERE.

I warn you though, her stories are addictive, so plan on losing sleep, missing work, and ignoring your kids while you read! lol!

take care and happy trails! (have you ever noticed that if you misspell trails, you get trials?)

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