Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today I may just piss you off

I just got done reading an article in my schools paper, well an editorial point of view letter really.... on homosexuality.

They claimed that homosexuals are "born that way". Just as heterosexuals are. However, they imply that science supports this. Sorry folks but the science, heck even the evolutionary theory, does NOT support this.

They also said that the word "abomination" had a different meaning back then: it meant "not natural", and was used for other things as well such as shellfish, pork, mixing different fabrics. True.

However, let's remember that the bible is a set of standards which define according to God; what is and isn't acceptable. period.

And then she warned to NOT take a "single" scripture and base your belief on it. Sorry honey but people who do choose to make bible standards their own do not do this.

Now I actually can see her point of view, but I think she is being way to simplistic which is what she is accusing others of doing.

First science teaches us that the human species have a male and female and one of each is needed to reproduce the species. period. Gotta have one of each. Sex is the method of reproduction. period.

So scientifically, if someone is "inclined" towards the same sex FOR sex: they are mutations. Yep! there I said it. They are "broken" somehow. They don't work the same as "normal" specimens of the human species. Which according to the writer of the article; is what "abomination" means. So it seems that science and the bible agree on this.

Now if they are NOT born that way, then it's NOT genetic and that is where the "choice" comes in. To me; attraction lies with the senses and chemical compatibility, lot's of physical stuff going on. If I smell a guy who smells good even after working hard; I'm attracted. If a guy has sparkling blue or green eyes - I'm attracted. If a guy has an awesomely engaging accent -I'm totally attracted. Attraction being: I like something about that person -it attracts me to either "look" some more or get to know that person some more.

Well guess what: we are attracted not only for sex but for friendships too. I may see someone who does a good deed and that attracts me. I may see someone laugh and that attracts me. I once read Dolly Parton's autobiography and told my husband after reading it that I would "totally go gay for Dolly". Because through her book I became attracted to her deeply honest approach to life and good heartedness. And while I wouldn't have sex with Dolly, I would love to meet her in person and become her friend. And for the record, I'd love to become friends with Brad Pitt too but I don't want to have sex with him.

What I'm saying is that the desire for sex with someone specific only comes AFTER the attraction and ONLY if one of two things: you are already feeling the effects of your hormonal cycle -in which case it has NOTHING to do with anyone else; OR you have gotten to know this person and your attraction has deepened to wanting to share something more intimate with that person. At any time you CAN choose to stop or go further. There is such a thing as free will and self control. (and this goes for everyone no matter what their sexual orientation is)

Go into a bar -ANY bar, and look around: 99% of the people who are there looking for a booty call have ALREADY decided they were gonna get laid before they even stepped into the bar or looked at any person there.

I don't care of you are hetero or homosexual. That is just how it is.

So if you are gonna fall on "being born that way" get your facts straight: the very physiology of our bodies say we are a heterosexual species.

Now on to those "bible thumpers". She had a point but used it the wrong way. The bible DOES set out standards. However, if you make the decision to live by those standards: fine that is your choice BUT do not try to force another person to do the same! Do as the bible states: leave them to their own decisions and desires. It's that simple! period. So DO indeed get off your high horse and let them make their own decisions!

So let's be honest with ourselves. Just because you may be attracted to someone, it doesn't mean you have to have sex with that person. Just because you decide to follow a specific standard, doesn't mean everyone is going to. Whether you feel you are heterosexual or homsexual, a little thing called 'self-control' has been tried and does work. And btw, the bible states that ANY sex outside of marriage is an abomination -that includes heterosexual activities too. So all you heterosexuals out there having sex without being married are an 'abomination' too!

Love for God, integrity, and self esteem keeps your pants on if what you are looking for is a deep meaningful relationship and if you decide to follow bible standards.

And frankly, I could care less who that partner IS or what their sex IS! Keep it personal. I don't want to hear about homosexual activities any more than I want to hear about heterosexual ones!!!

So basically: keep your sex life to yourself and I'll do the same. "Tolerance" works both ways.

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