Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hypothetical (or not) situation:

you are walking along minding your own business, having had a fairly bad day and end up walking into a group of thugs/gang members who are standing around listening to some music looking for trouble. Do you:

1. cry like a baby and beg for your life and let them beat the snot out of you and probably kill you and steal everything off your body?

2. Pretend you do not see them and just walk on through? and then they follow you, beat you up, possibly kill you and rob you of everything on your body.

3. Decide to defend yourself and manage beat the snot out of at least two of them before they gang up and take you down and beat you up and possible kill you and steal everything on your body?

4. Jump into a major butt kicking with a Viking Battle Cry, grab whatever you can grab and go in swinging and manage to beat the snot out of all the members at least taking out half before the other half manages to over power you (or not?) and beat you up, but not able to kill you because you are still fighting.

5. Act like a crazy person and get into their faces talking all kinds of weird and crazy stuff in an attempt to convince them you have nothing worth stealing, not even your life.

6. Plaster a huge smile on your face and ask them to turn up the music and dance with you?

This was a real life situation I was once in. Since I am still here, you probably can rule out which ones I did not do.

What would you do? If it is not on the list, please add it in the comments.

If there is any interest I will let you know in a couple days what I DID do.


  1. Hi Kellie,

    OK, I give up. What'd you do?


  2. LOL! I figured no one was interested in knowing so I did not bother to answer before.

    I actually did number six.

    I was in Fort Smith, AR at about 2am one morning walking home from work and happened to run into a band of mean looking fellas, who did happen to have a -boom box (as we called them then).

    Since I knew I was out numbered and had no desire to be their ......toy for the night, I simply plastered a huge smile on my face and asked them to dance.

    They were stunned..... but did and it all ended well. they actually escorted me almost all the way home... out to the city limits so no one would bother me and they thanked me for the unexpected good time.

    one of them confessed they were looking for trouble that night and my attitude made them think there might be better things to do than that.

    sometimes I wonder what ever happened to them.


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