Saturday, December 24, 2011

passive aggressive people

so I busted a person who lied about me on a forum and she played the victim, not even acknowledging she lied.

oh well, people are people so I am not surprised she did not own up to her lie. it is typical behavior that anyone can learn about in psych 101. Their pride gets in the way and they blow a simple statement into a huge mountain to make themselves feel better.

Then they claim they forgive someone for an imagined harm -which in reality was just someone calling them out on their behavior. It makes them feel oh so special. They cannot even see that they are the one that should be apologizing. Usually it takes a very large blow to their ego before they can see the truth about themselves... kinda like hitting rock bottom. Or God Himself slapping ya down a few pegs.

Kinda sad and since I have been slapped down by God Himself; I know she will be in for some very hard times... cause God does not mess around when He goes to proving something to ya -about yourself. Hopefully He finds her heart worthy of His attention though.... cause I also know that He does a great job IF you listen and obey.... and one always comes out of a -Heavenly Humbling- a much better person. Although we do tend to be more blunt and straight to the point, especially when it comes to exposing lies about God.

Ok, enough venting. It's not that she made me mad or angry, just more like frustrated. People like that ARE frustrating because they cannot see any harm they are doing.


  1. Hang in there,girl! I have run into some of those people before as well.If they want to play the victim,let them play the victim...and walk away. You know I left a forum because of exactly the same issue. It doesn't bother me anymore. Those people that I cared about and that I knew were the "genuine article" (like you), I kept in touch with. The others? They can be happy in their misery. I want no part of it!

  2. oh yeah, I do walk away...unless I am in a mischievous mood and not just frustrated.... well then, I tend to WANT TO mess their! but thank you for the encouragement!!!


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