Thursday, March 8, 2012

After birth abortion

As many of you may know, two scientists, excuse me: two "bioethicists" came out with a paper about a week or so ago stating that it is morally ok to perform after birth abortions.


So since they've open the flood gates so to say; let's list all the groups that are "not moral beings".

We've already got:
1. babies in the womb
2. babies right out of the womb

Now let's add:
3. all children, after all society does not consider them to be "morally able to make decisions" until they hit that magic number 18.

4. Anyone who cheats on their spouse. We all know that is not morally right; so anyone who does cheat shows they are not "moral beings"

5. Anyone who commits murder or fraud.

6. Child abusers

7. Anyone who abuses another

8. All politicians, since we all know they keep voting themselves more money when we "people" are struggling and that is definitely unethical and immoral

9. Let's not forget all the mentally handicapped, since they cannot make moral decisions

10. and our older ones, since many of them have Alzheimer's and dementia and thus cannot be "moral beings"

11. Anyone who allows a god/goddess or other "higher power" to decide their morals for them...after all, if they have to have someone else give them morals, then they cannot be moral persons.

12. Any atheists because we know that "they" don't have any morals at all

13. All homosexuals because we all "know" it's wrong to have sex with someone of your sex

14. All preachers who do not practice what they preach

15. Is anyone left? ah yes, one more

16. Anyone who believes any of this crap can go to number one and be first in line to be aborted

When value is removed from life, the living soul becomes less than a person, that makes it very easy to "abort" / "delete" / "remove" them.

Some people say we are judged as a society by how we treat the helpless and innocent ones in our society.


  1. Good comments. Society is really scraping the bottom now.

    I'd love to hear more about 'Hello Ladies and Gentlemen".


  2. Hi Tas, I'm sorry about the story not moving forward, I've been so busy with working and school. I have a tiny bit more done but want to get a good chunk done before I post it.

    I appreciate ya stopping by! :)

  3. No apology needed. The story is enjoyable, but it's entertainment... not nearly as important as real life. You know we'll be ready to read when it's written. Thanks for authoring it!



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