Sunday, March 4, 2012

Northern Mockingbirds

For over a week I was listening to the Male mockingbirds prepare their songs on campus. Hearing the many different males competing with their myriads of vocal renditions.

Well on this particular morning, I actually was honored to see a female check out one of these males. Oh she played coy and would flutter from limb to limb, just always slightly out of his reach...but he would still follow and do the deep throat sound that was more of a grunt as he would fluff his wings out slightly from his body and ruffle his back and neck feathers making himself both look bigger but also "better" than all those "other males".

They totally ignored me, who was no more than five feet away, frozen in movement and watching this courtship that few humans actually get to see.

Desperately wishing for my camera. Cursing myself for forgetting, while still being so determined to burn it all in my memory.

In the end, she did not find him worthy of being her mate and she flew away. He very briefly hung his head but then shook it off, knowing he did his best and flew back to the tippy top of the tree and began his courtship "come hither" song once more.

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