Friday, September 27, 2013

A few of the blogs I read

I try to keep up with several blogs.  It's not easy with my busy schedule.  (not sure where all the time goes) But I wanted to give a sample of some of my favorites.  At least those which seem to post more frequently and thus are at the top of my "blog list" right now.  There are others, several in fact, that do not post as regularly.

Here is Stephen's blog, this man is amazingly patient and sweet (despite him pretending he is not) and has the biggest heart I've ever "seen".  His post today is about someone who came into his shop.  He has several such stories of those customers.  His insights on people and life are spectacularly correct IMO.  Just click on the name of his blog:


Another blog I love is "Sara's".  She not only posts interesting happenings about her family and homestead but she is an awesome writer and has several great stories!  (I will have to see if I have linked them on my own story blog)


Now this next blog is about a family that just amazes me.  They have several kids, several.  And right now they are going through a heart wrenching experience with their newborn son, Finn.  He was born premature and is going through a lot in his little life.  I keep them in my heart and prayers, always hoping for the best for them.  The writer of the blog is the Mom and she is an exceptional writer.  Please check them out but do not do so if you are going to nag or make them feel bad in any way for having so many kids.  Because we NEED more families like this.  Kids who are respectful but KIDS!  They need encouragement, compassion, and LOVE.


This next blog is about how to live frugally and believe me, this lady has it down to a science!  She posts about how to save and made do and all kinds of other connecting areas.  I just love to read her writings because she does have a sense of humor too.


So there are just a few of my favorite blogs to keep up with.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. :) have a great day!

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