Monday, January 17, 2011


Is this the new PC for a surrogate mommy?

"Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and their two-year old daughter Sunday Rose, today announced a new addition to their family, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban. Born through a gestational carrier at Nashville's Centennial Womens Hospital on December 28, 2010, Faith Margaret is Urban and Kidman's biological daughter.


congrats on the baby!

I can't help but wonder if it was necessary or if it was a vanity reason...


  1. Yeah, I about gagged when I heard that. I guess surrogate is no longer PC. "Significant other" is another one that sticks in my craw...

    Kidman looks like a walking skeleton these days, no surprise she needs a "gestational carrier"...

  2. literally my first thought was "is it some kind of box?" I wasn't even thinking about another person until I got a few sentences into the article.

    Kidman doesn't look like she could carry a book let alone a baby.

    Having been pregnant, I would not go the "GC" way! I loved being pregnant! It didn't hurt there was no "morning sickness" for me, lol!

    Now I could understand it if a woman could NOT carry a baby... I would even OFFER to be a SURROGATE! And truthfully, and to be fair; I don't know if she can or cannot. But the name is just TOO PC for me! It seems COLD and to me, it should be a warm and loving event.

    thanks for stopping by! :)


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