Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is this going to back "fire" on them?

Someone is trying to get a message across to the "gov" it seems. I think they are going about it the wrong way. Although it is true people are getting sick and tired of the high handedness of the gov, is possibly hurting someone innocent worth it? Is sending little packages of "warmth" going to blow up in the senders face? I think so.

I can completely understand using violence to defend oneself or family. I cannot understand using dangerous things or violence -possibly harming innocent people- to defend a belief.

HERE IS WHERE some 'gifts' from someone who is not pleased with the gov are talked about.

I totally understand the need to be vigilant for terrorists! Terrorists are cowards! And will kill anyone, including innocents, just to get their "idea" across. They are NOT defending anyone. They have no value placed on life. However whoever is sending this packages is ALSO a coward!!!! And could possible harm an innocent.

I totally understand the desire of our gov to protect the country from terrorists. But they are taking it too far. The gov actions have actually put them against those of the country who ALSO do NOT want terrorists to succeed.

There are so many regs in place that now most Americans are being vilified AND they are being placed under suspicion for just about anything. And these ones are beginning to show the stress and go against the unjustness. Hence the little wake up calls to the gov to back off.

The message sent with the Maryland packages was: "Report suspicious activity! Total Bull——! You have created a self fulfilling prophecy."

And these packages will just make the gov dig in tighter and expand their 'powers' and put MORE pressure and stress and suspicion on the citizens who are trying to do what is right.

So both parties have worked to create this self fulfilling prophecy: those for it and those against it who are going about condemning it the wrong way.

There will be many "reports" from people looking to settle scores with other people and just plain annoyance calls that everyone will be looking at everyone else with suspicion and distrust.

Sorry but division like that is NOT what makes a great country. Greatness comes from learning about one another and working together to right wrongs -building trust among each other.

Next will be the calls out to people to report anyone "hoarding" any food or guns or anything else that will shortly be very valuable. Yes the executive orders are already written and signed making anyone with more than a couple days of food "hoarders".

A situation to an extent never seen will shortly be upon us. The gov will 'disappear' when the food does. I'm sure they will be tucked in as snug as a bug in a rug ..waiting out the chaos that will ensue. Allowing the "minions" to annihilate themselves; coming out of hiding (cowards) only after it is "all over".

I wonder who they think they will be 'ruling over' then? lol! no one will be left who will allow them to rule.

So are YOU ready?

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