Friday, August 26, 2011


I was in some deep thought today after reading the opening introduction and part of the first chapter of a book I have to read for one of my classes. It's called Trophic Cascades. All about the food chain/web kind of stuff.

Now of all the MILLIONS of species on this earth, it is ONLY Homo sapiens that has made a whole nuther world that is based ....on nothing. "Our" real world is not part of the REAL world at all. Seriously, just think about it.

the ONLY reason money is worth anything is because "man" says it is. Yeah gold is pretty but it only have value is because "man" says so. We build houses, huge cities even and block ourselves from nature so MUCH that people no longer know where our FOOD COMES FROM!

We use so many chemicals, hormones, fertilizers, etc to GROW that food that we don't know what it tastes like "naturally".

or what it looks like.

What really matters in life? Sure people will say "I want to have a happy family" or "I want to be rich" or "I want to be popular" and on and on and on......

We allow ourselves to be bound by taxes and bills and work and stress and rules and regulations and fusses and fights and war and marriages and ...well you get the picture.

And it ALL is simply nothing. Now I'm not talking about the love we feel for our loved ones. THAT is very real. Actually that may be the ONLY real thing we humans actually deal with.

(and yes I know there are those precious few who do live close to nature, I'm a wildlifer myself, lol! I'm talking in general)

I think that "grandmas and grandpas" love to garden so much because they figure out that it's the soil that is real. and I think that is why little kids love to tag along with their grannies and pappies in said gardens because they have not yet figured out how to accept the "nothing".

So are we humans "superior-ly smart" because we have learned to "rise above" nature?

or are we just incredibly dumb for all that wasted effort on nothing?

I, personally, think we are dumb and give KUDOS to those who have figured all this out already.

and who knows maybe if enough of us simply remove ourselves from and ignore this "nothing of value" society; it will simply dissipate into REAL nothingness.

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