Friday, September 2, 2011

We are a Dramatic species

I have come to the conclusion that we humans live for drama. Oh but you say -I do NOT want drama! And I have said that a bizillion times myself. So my only conclusion can be, we draw drama, whether we like it or not and thus we must somehow NEED the drama.

And so being who I am, I thunk deeper and realized (yes I may be a bit slower than some of ya out there on this) that drama provides challenge. Since we (as a species, as a whole) no longer have the challenge of simple every day survival we have to FIND NEW ways for challenge. And yes we NEED that challenge or we will cease to exist as a species.

which brings us close to THIS post I made a few days ago.

I really think we have made this unreal reality to fill that void of what we NEED to survive.

I also think it is a poor substitute for LIFE. So I am going to continue to challenge myself and see if the drama decreases.

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