Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Found a little blog today HERE and there were some interesting questions asked, so I thought I'd share my answers.


1. Where would you take the blogger group for a chat, if they came to your house?
Well we could sit in my kitchen but I do not have a kitchen table yet. We could sit in the living room but I do not have a couch yet. So I guess we would have to sit on my nice big front porch or we could start a fire in the back yard and sit in camping chairs and the hammock and roast marshmallows, drink drinks, play some music.... all AFTER I managed to convince that they would be LEARNING by working in my raised beds! lol!

2. How do you handle "toxic people"? They're the ones that are very difficult to be around and generally don't bring out the best in us.
I become THEM to THEM. Takers HATE being mistaken for givers. I know, I'm mean. lol! But what can I say? it's fun to watch them run away and I do not have to deal with any of the stress of trying to avoid them.

3. In high school, were you the athlete, the cheerleader (actual or just your personality), the geek, the social butterfly, or lost?
I was and still unique. none of the above, I associated with all those groups and usually got along with everyone. There were only two girls in high school I did not get along with and to this day I am sure it was because they were jealous of me. lol! Jealous because I got along with everyone and they were absolute snobs and could NOT understand why anyone of THEIR friends and "status" could even begin to lower themselves to admit I existed. However, I was tickled that my mere presence seems to send them off into fits. It was very empowering. Why they allowed me that type of power over them, I do not know. But I did take full advantage of it and tormented them every chance I got.

4. What's your favorite thing made from apples?
fried apple pies. I wish I could make them like Mrs. Vozel use to.

5. Do you do most of your shopping in stores or online?
UGH! in stores. But Amazon is quickly becoming my new "go to" place for those things I do not need immediately.

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