Thursday, November 24, 2011

yep it is that time of year again


well I am of Native American descent and I do not feel it is a good day.

I think of the millions of lives slaughtered directly and indirectly and am not thankful.

I think of the lands stolen and am not thankful.

I think of the cultures and languages lost and am not thankful.

I think of the deceit and lies and am not thankful.

So each bite of your feasts is an insult to all the lives lost.

every time you say -happy thanksgiving- it is an insult and slap in the face to the chidren forced from their homes and into a culture that spit on them and tortured them.

yes this is my point of view but it is based on truth

So enjoy your meal and your happy times and I will mourn the dead

and if you think I am insulting you and your traditions... well I can live with that

after all, I have learned history and do not deny it

and I will not pretend and celebrate anything that is based on murder, deceit and greed.

meanwhile, every other day but this one, I will be thankful to God for every blessing he given me.


  1. Sadly, everything you say is true. But we cannot dwell on the past, we cannot change it. We must learn from the mistakes made and not make them again. Good luck with that!
    I have often said, "It's a crime that, as 'Americans', we did not absorb the native american's and, later, the black american's, culture into our own as 'white' people. Instead of trying to surpress and destroy. No one knows how to praise GOD and worship Jesus better than a black person. And no one knows how to learn from nature and love the land better than a native american. We white people could've learned SO much and this country would've been much better off." Just my humble opinion not said very well.

  2. it is still happening though on reservations and through welfare

    it is just a slower death

    those who forget the past will tend to repeat it.

    remembering is not dwelling.

    and you did a fine job expressing yourself.

    I often wonder where we would be if we (yes I have -white- in me too) had done as you say.

    thank you for taking the time to read and think about it :)


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