Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Today was a good day.  The weather was very nice and my students were fairly well behaved except for one class period.

And of course, I'm happy cause I had pizza for supper!  Pizza always makes me smile.  Especially WELL MADE pizza.... yes I'm a pizza snob.  hahahaha!

Some day I want one of those awesome brick ovens things in my home and then I will be able to make my own ...the stove just is not the same.  ;)

I hope I seem my Bugs (grandkids) this weekend.  They always exhaust me but in a great way.

I do wonder about the messes that our "fearless leader" seems to ignore.  ISIS seems to be the fearless ones.  And the picture of their flag in front of the white house SHOULD have shook SOME certain persons up.... but seems that golf can make anyone forget what their jobs is.

hmmm..... too bad I hate golf.  LOL!

But I like putt putt golf...... :)

ok I guess all I can do is HANG ON and do what I can do as I can do it.

I hope your day has been a blessing to you.  Remember tomorrow is a clean slate!

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