Sunday, September 7, 2014


Are they INSANE!???

Oh yes -in case you haven't heard, the government now wants us to drop the chocolate from our smores.

AND most of the marshmallow.

Come on now... how often to you eat these creations?  like maybe two or three times a YEAR?  I eat more chocolate and marshmallow in my hot cocoa!

Ok, truthfully, I've NEVER had a smore.... the roasted marshmallow never made it long enough after being toasted.  And I'd rather dip my graham crackers in milk.

But STILL I KNOW PEOPLE who DO love their smores and I just think this is another way the gov is trying to completely conform this country to a nanny state.

And people are following along like meek little sheep.

Speaking of which, one CAN be meek like a sheep and still NOT follow the stupidity of the government.

Just sayin'

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