Sunday, November 7, 2010

I wish to vent!

I've had my morning coffee and now desire to vent a bit.

subject: welfare
(of course! lol)

what should 'welfare' be like? ideally a 'helping hand' for those rough spots in the road of your life. This can come from your religion, family, neighbors, etc... those who are willing to offer that extended hand.

what welfare should NOT be: forcing citizens to pay for other peoples laziness. I feel the same way about prisons also. We -the public, should not be forced to support these people: those who willingly commit acts of evil and the lazy.

So I am refusing to do this anymore. I will make sure I do not earn enough money each year to pay taxes; but just enough so that I do not take money from others.

Those in the prisons, should be growing their own food, trading any excess for health care; etc.... in other words, they should be self sustaining. A wind farm and solar can net them any energy they need; no TV or cable.... let them learn from BOOKS! I'm sure many can be arranged to be donated. Make them responsible for other peoples lives; if their "arranged partner" dies, so do they. Mix up the races. Make them responsible. There is a ton of other things they can be doing to benefit the society they wronged.

It is NOT justice for the victims to pay for the comfort and care of the wrong doer.

Those who are incredibly violent and have no remorse, despite all efforts to rehabilitate them, should be removed. Yes, humanely put down: killed. IMO.

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