Monday, November 15, 2010

Sometimes we need to check if "it's all good".

There are those days when we stop rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off.... and if you've never actually seen a real chicken run around like this, then you need to get your butt to a working farm.

Then we have those rare (or rarer) days when we actually can stop and take a breath.

These are the days to not only stop and breath but look around you and take stock of your life. Ask yourself some of those hard questions, not necessarily in this order but like:

Am I happy?

Am I where I want to be?


If NOT, how can I change?

Am I living up to the morals I think are right and just?

Am I being a good mom/wife/husband/father/daughter/son/grandchild/etc....?

Am I taking responsibility for my actions?

Am I still growing; spiritually and mentally and emotionally? Is that growth in the "right" way?

Do I love enough? Do I SHOW that love enough?

Am I taking my loved ones for granted? Do I appreciate them and their efforts?

Does my heart still sing when I come home? Is my home a sanctuary? Is it filled with peace and love and harmony?

Am I serving my God to the best of my ability?

Are people happy to see me?

and the list could go on and on.... I think you get the point. Try not to let the 'bad stuff' you find overwhelm you.... just be determined to do better.

So on these still quiet days, think about yourself and see if "it's all good".

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