Saturday, May 7, 2011

A bit of depression

Ok, be fore warned that this is just me rambling and rambling and rambling....

Lot's has been going on: bin Laden is now "officially" dead; major flooding in areas of the south, much of it near me; deadly tornadoes, again near me; the cancellation of some soap operas (gasp); and tons of other stuff. Let's see, we are still fighting three wars, gas prices are still outrageously high causing a LOT of pain for families, and of course there is still sickness, homelessness, death, etc.

Well crap! How is a person suppose to NOT be depressed in this sick sick sick world?

The corruption in business, corporations, government, is enough to make any sane person weep with despair! Seems very few receive justice anymore.

We are forced to pay taxes which take a huge chunk of our hard earned income; plus all the OTHER taxes we have to pay: sales tax, death tax, inheritance tax, personal tax (we pay this every single year in AR -you pay each year over and over again on what you have, your personal belongings! yeah, sucks!), car tags/drivers licenses, .... have I left any out?

It's a wonder why any of us have any money left over for food, clothing, and shelter.

And then "they" encourage you to get a higher education; but that takes getting grants and student loans! Which opens all kinds of new bins of worms!

And so you try not to think about it all, go with the flow..... don't rock the boat; cause if you DON'T pay all these extortionists, well then you get to go to jail or get hit with huge fines (personally, I could USE a paid vacation with three hots and a cot! I will have to do another post on prisons).

It is all gonna fall apart... and soon. Then we will REALLY be depressed! lol!

Or shall I say: we shall be depressing them???? Yeah I fully expect to see some more revolution going on real soon here. Already many are beginning to revolt -both in other countries and even some here -quietly working their way into a place of 'non-existence' in the eyes of them. I bet that relieves many types of depression! Action usually does.

And that is why ultimately things will have to change. See all that taxation/pressure is building up stress and stress does tend to get to one "tipping points" and then it blows up! It always has. So either they will have to do something to 'relieve the pressure' or the pressure will blow.

I see gas prices dropping the closer we get to election time, just like last time.

I see voters changing their "representatives" with little or no change occurring afterwards - as usual.

I see the poor; yet not the "super poor", just those poor who are too rich to get any gov help - still struggling to make ends meet and get by.

I see the 'super poor' still living off the gov and tax payers (the 'poor').

I see the rich (small business owners) still getting rich and while paying many taxes, struggling to keep their businesses afloat and not being able to keep hiring people, but maybe even still having to lay off even more people.

I see the super rich, many maybe not all, still gobbling up billions of dollars of profit (Exxon made like 6 billion in one quarter???) and using any and all loop holes to NOT pay taxes.

Sometimes I have to wonder the same as another person: just how much money does ONE person need? How much is enough? lol! how dare I even ask that?

How can we, as a country, balance the right to "go be fruitful" (in money and babies) with being individually responsible? Is it being responsible to go make billions at the pain of others? (strictly speaking as someone who it truly hurts to have to pay so much for gas)

so many questions and while there are so many answers, can we as individuals and as a country actually change our mindsets? can we "fix" our country? and what does that mean? what is the fix we are looking for? what do we want our country to look like?

I don't think we can fix our country but I do think we can 'fix' ourselves. I think we can individually become a "good, moral" person. One who lives life with self responsibility, self integrity, and love for our neighbors. And although if EVERYONE was to do this, it WOULD fix our country; not everyone will. Because some people are predators.

What do we as responsible, morally upright people do with dangerous predators?



  1. Hi Kellie,

    "One must think like a hero to behave like a merely decent human being."
    - May Sarton

    I try, and fail, every day to be a merely decent human being. I'm hopeful, though. Maybe tomorrow.


  2. nice quote! I'll have to remember that one. Yes, each day I also try and also remain hopeful! thanks for stopping by!


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