Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some people DO care!

Thanks to a blog I read, Coffee with the Hermit; I found this very encouraging:

Japan Donates $120,000 in relief supplies to Alabama.

Now here is a country that as just suffered horrendously and yet they still offer support to those who were hit by tornadoes in the US.

Someone in the comment section of The Hermit asked a very good question...where are all the Arab "friends" of the USA?

And I've heard that this administration wants to borrow more money from China to give to other countries??? what?? There are local and federal authorities denying help to Joplin and other areas affected by the tornadoes this past month or so and yet they want to borrow money to give to OTHER countries???

I'm so disgusted with this whole system of things. And yet Japan pulls this wonderful act of kindness that reminds me that there are still people out there that still care. It's just the "IN"-human people in their 'lofty' places of government that are tainted and corrupted by greed.

I can learn from both these types: how I SHOULD act (Japan's example) and how NOT to act (government example). While my pitiful little acts of kindness are nothing compared to the harm governments do, nor will they ever cancel out the acts of the government; I do know that the governments act will never cancel MY acts out.

Which is comforting.

I know there are literally millions of people out there (many more than the number that makes up the governments) doing their own acts of kindness. We see them despite the blackness of corruption.

See the light from even the smallest candle dispels darkness. And darkness hates that and tries to convince us that our lights are not shining. Don't listen.

Because the truth is darkness cannot extinguish our lights only we can.

Is your light shining?


  1. I used to live in Joplin. Have friends there still. It has been horrendous watching this and feeling so helpless! All my friends got through safely, although a few lost everything :(

  2. I remember when you lived there. I have one sister (spiritual) who was killed and some others who lost their homes. We are helping them rebuild. I know what you mean by helpless. :(


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