Sunday, June 12, 2011

meat loaf

Life is like a meat loaf. Sorry Forrest but your momma was wrong. We can know what we are gonna get -if we pay attention.

As we make choices we add this and that and then the attitudes of the world bake it.

We control what goes into our meat loaf and we can also control to a large extent how we bake it by our reactions and actions to the world.

yes I am making a real meat loaf for dinner tonight and the smell is driving me crazy. It smells SO good. And I am NOT a good cook. I will endeavor to NOT burn it. My life is also 'cooking' along quite well.

I will endeavor to not 'burn' that meat loaf also.

Make your meat loaf delicious by putting good quality ingredients into it and spicing it up just right. Then bake it with a generous heat of love and compassion. It takes time and care but well worth the effort.

Now dig in!


  1. Hi Kellie,

    On the storm-tossed sea of metaphor, my dinghy of comprehension slowly sinks beneath the waves of concepts into the vasty deep of my own ignorance. But someday, on that sunny isle of reflection, I'll bask in the sunshine of understanding.

    How was that? :-)


  2. that was absolutely delicious!! :)


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