Saturday, June 18, 2011

Man sets himself on fire

A New Hampshire man burned himself to death in front of a courthouse. The specific reasons are individual to him, regarding a domestic violence arrest and prosecution. But the larger reason he killed himself is that he says the system no longer follows the Rule of Law. Once you read past the details, he gives a fascinating analysis of the system. He argues for a complete takedown of the Federal Government and starting over from scratch.

the man's letter of "why" he did it is also on that page. He makes MANY good points. There IS a two book system. It took me awhile to read it. I had to keep stopping and catching my breath. This is not a man who was nuts or crazy. He is calmly collected and has his facts to back himself up. He did the research and the digging.

He is correct, men are being treated with EXTREME bias. As a woman, I am in full support of equal treatment. I have also always been for men's rights. Even as a child, I never thought it fair that I only got to see my dad twice a month. How is a child suppose to form a bond when they do not get to spend TIME with their dad??

I SO get this guy! Coming from a broken home, so much of what he says makes sense.

I'm just incredibly sad he felt he had to set himself on fire to make his point.

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