Saturday, June 18, 2011

Portrait of a stalker?

Usually a stalker is a person who silently and secretly follows you around, for years sometimes. Obsessed by you. Obsessed over you. Until that day you stumble upon them and become aware of their presence. Or they make themselves known to you.

Sometimes you never know you have a stalker. But these days anyone who uses the internet now has a stalker. Yes, you do. Deny it all you want but you DO have a stalker. You even have more than one. Some are good, some annoying and some bad. Motivation behind the stalking is what is important.

If you use any browser window, your searches are being kept track of. So google stalks you and probably a few others, like yahoo. Do you go on facebook? how about myspace? they stalk you. Sure most of that stalking is to present you with specific advertisement to get you to spend money! Annoying!!!! But hey, we get that usage for free! So to me, tolerable.

and then we have the people who - friend you on social networks; following all your comments.... and our blogs! lol! but I like my -stalkers! lol! I think of these types as good since we learn from each other and entertain each other.

Then we have the bad. The bullies and the narcs. The bullies are those who follow you around and say awful things and slander you. They push at you with their words. Their self esteem is so low, they only feel good/powerful when they are ripping someone apart (verbally) for the joy of it. Sick people these ones are.

The narcs are those little creepers that keep track of what you do in order to try to catch you doing something they do not approve of. Like our government does. They have programs running constantly on the watch for key words (a list that grows daily, I am sure) and I imagine little sounds of alarm go off and the actual person will collapse the window of porn they are currently looking at (or facebooks farmville) and see what was said by who. Fill out some kind of form and paperwork about it....cause God KNOWS how much our gov LOVES paperwork and then file it somewhere in our -permanent record. (remember when we would be threatened by that in school?? lol!)

did I miss any? it is 3 in the morning so I may have left someone out. If I did, I apologize to that stalker type. I did not leave you out on purpose.

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