Sunday, June 19, 2011


Since I'm a pretty simple person, I don't have a whole lot of needs so I don't make too much of an impact in the economy. If I decide to NOT buy something, it won't hurt the companies bottom line.

But I've been slowly changing my spending ways anyhow. I had bought an HP laptop in 2005 and had nothing but problems while it was under warranty. There was a court case where it was suppose to be replaced but when I went to the website, it kept going in circles and so I never was able to get "signed up". The 800 number was NEVER even ANSWERED! And NONE of my emails were ever answered either. So I "missed out" on that. Well I won't ever buy an HP again.

I also was frequently sent to India on phones calls where they could not understand me nor I them.

So again, I won't ever buy HP again.

Now supposedly Gurneys is an American company but when I called customer service where did I get??? That's right: INDIA. And she HUNG UP ON ME. I called back and actually got someone here in the USA and she told me that the person in India said I HUNG UP ON HER. I called her a liar. And when I asked why an American company was using cheap labor in India, I was told that she could not discuss it. But she could confirm that the company does use a contracted service in India. I told her they need to be fired because they are giving Gurneys a bad rep. She (and I swear there was a smile in her voice) "would be happy to take my complaint and process it"! I did tell her that I ONLY work with American companies and that this would be my last order with Gurneys. She supposedly took that information down also.

I looked through Wally world and the big K stores and could NOT find ANY clothing that was made in the USA. Now granted, I only looked in my own size but still.

I guess I will have to start looking at the fabric too. I didn't think about that. I wonder if they put on it where it is made.....

So despite my itty bitty impact on the economy, I will be continuing my quest to stop enabling big companies that make billions of dollars of profit off of child and cheap labor.


  1. Good deal. I try to do that myself with the tiny bit of stuff I buy...

  2. I'm loving your reports and pictures of your boat you are building, can't wait to see how it does in the water!! :)


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