Tuesday, June 14, 2011

small towns and hope

I had a most interesting thing happen to me today. And I would have missed it if I had not driven the way I did.

I was coming up to one of the lights in town (one of three) and my light was red, so I was slowing down to stop. I was going straight through.

When low and behold, a truck with one of the "garden trailers" on it (you know the ones that carry the mowers....?) whipped through going crosswise (I was going south, they were going west) and they hit some kind of bump (it must be there though I have never felt it) and what happens??? LOL! the MOWER is tossed up in the air just high enough and long enough for the truck to drive the trailer OUT FROM UNDERNEATH THE MOWER!!!! Yes the mower landed on the road in the middle of the intersection and the truck with the now empty trailer went merrily on its way. The guy did not even KNOW!!

Now that was spectacular to see...I mean one doesn't see a riding mower, yes I forgot to mention it was one of those cool- with the engine underneath the seat RIDING mowers. Now it's even more spectacular isn't it? hehehehe!

Well, now comes the really GOOD part, that part that gives me hope.

Not only did the guy one vehicle behind the truck stop to move the mower, he KNEW WHOSE MOWER IT WAS! Within twenty seconds, another truck stopped, blocking the way (only part way) where the mower was and the guy who was trying to move it...so he would not get hit. (sadly a few people did NOT stop and tried to get around and through the intersection. I stopped since I was in front and waited until they were safe.

I guess someone called the owner because within five minutes the mower was back were it belonged and the intersection clear.

People stopping and helping and KNOWING exactly to whom a piece of property belongs and them helping the guy out when he was (at first) clueless really REALLY gives me some hope for humanity.

And I really don't think one would see this happen in the big city only 16 miles away.

Humans have the most amazing abilities to be generous, compassionate, and kind. It's just it seems we don't get to see these qualities nearly enough.

So for a personal challenge, sometime this week -do some type of random act of kindness and don't let anyone catch ya doing it! :D


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