Sunday, May 15, 2011

My cat

The Infamous Glorie.

She adopted us in the stormiest day of 2003 as a tiny tiny kitty. We were walking into the Kingdom Hall and she ran over and sat on my toes. The girls were entranced and begged to keep her. Despite her having no tail! (I think they thought someone had cut it off and they felt sorry for her) I told them that if she was still around after the meeting, she could go home with us. Well during the meeting a tornado swooped by, just missing the hall (we got to see the walls bulge!) and so we had to wait a bit longer to go back outside.

At first she wasn't around, the girls called and called. So I did my unique "come here" call I use for all kinds of animals and out she popped! Straight to my toes! (why she loved my toes I don't know but she STILL wants to sleep on my feet!)

And as they say, the rest is history! She is a great mouser, had two litters of kittens before I saved up enough to get her fixed, and is STILL about half the size of a 'normal' cat. Although this past year, she is getting fat!

And why oh why (or even how) does she always walk exactly where I'm fixing to put my feet!!!????? UGH! I trip over her more than my own feet! and that's saying a lot!

oh yeah,btw, she is laying on top of all my folders that hold my bluebird research data.... yeah I WAS trying to work with it all....

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