Thursday, October 2, 2008

Africa's FIRST solar powered car race

The Solar Daily has reported on the first solar powered car race in Africa.

The article states that the race is hoping to promote science and technology and also raise awareness of alternative energy. The Solar Daily quotes the organizer, Winstone Jordaan as saying: "Promoting science and technology, that is the main focus. If we can convince another 10 people in our country to become engineers, it could be a radical improvement to our economy,"

The race consists of a total of 4175KM and has 4 teams competing.

The article gives just enough information to snag a readers attention but since the race just started yesterday and will last two weeks, there is no winner yet. (If anyone finds out before me, leave a comment!)

Did you know that a 65 square feet solar array is able to get a car up to 100 miles per hour? I didn't until I read this article!

The Solar Daily is helping to draw people to alternate energy by using propaganda that attracts just as giving nice interesting tidbits and supporting the impression that this type of energy is needed. It's trying to get everyone on the "bandwagon" of alternative energy.

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