Friday, October 10, 2008

Freaky Fishes!

Ya'all have to go and vote on the freakiest fish:

Yes, it is a "conservation" website but a great way to get people to take notice than to pull out those things that are freaky and weird; and believe me, some of these fish are weird looking.

Of course you might want to use your junk email to "vote" since I'm sure you'll get some emails from them. So what kind of propaganda would this be? Using freaky fish to push their agenda of conservation....? I do see "freaky fish" as code words. The pictures also make nice props. Good color pic's. See the example below.

PS. I voted for the Fanfin Seadevil. It was all them spikes!

This one is truly monstrous, resembling a construction by the evil kid in Toy Story. With wire-like filaments sticking out of its body to detect movement in the water, the greek root of its name means roughly a “toad embellished with stalks.” Don’t worry, it’s unlikely you’ll ever deal with this devil – it’s rarely observed or captured.

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