Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Raw Sewage Dumped in the Great Lakes!

Save the Great Lakes!

Blame it on the weather, Milwaukee, and Chicago!

An article from Terra Daily reports that:

"A primary threat to human health are the extreme precipitation events that overwhelm the combined urban storm water and sewage systems such as those in Milwaukee and Chicago, resulting in millions of gallons of raw sewage being diverted to Lake Michigan."

You can read the entire article here.

The article gives a sense of urgency due to the code words used such as:
"perfect storm" and "Deteriorating" and "intensified" and "extreme" and of course it all puts our health "at risk."

Although I do admit, they give some good ideas to combat the urgency of the 'threat'.

I love the prop of the picture of the Great Lakes, having Michigan as my birth state, it tugs at my emotions.

The article did seem to have a touch of the "either/or fallacy" since it implied that either the problem gets fixed OR everyone will die. Ok, maybe not everyone, but they did make it seem that there would be MANY die.

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