Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Whale More "Human"?

One of the best kinds of propaganda, one of the best ways to sway humans to a cause is to make your "cause" human. Appeal to those emotions! It is especially good if you can pull a tear or two from your readers. Below is a fine, prime example:

“The visual presence of some animal like a whale is not all that will be missed when it is gone. I care more for the howl of the wolf than for his merely doglike look. And when the last howl of the last wolf has filled the night, has echoed and died out, something in all of us will pass with it into a kind of mute invisibility.

“And so it is with whales. There may come a time when, in some remote, moonlit ocean glade, deserted of humanity, the last call of a humpback whale will start, and spread out, and then vanish, until those who heard it last will only wonder if they heard it at all. And in this way each whale species will make its final exit until the blind continents, banked in their beds of silent ooze, and moving like slow clouds across the molten face of the earth, will no longer have whales to cheer them on, but will make their way in silence and alone.” - Roger Payne (scientist and lover of the whales, spoken in their defense due to the killings by Japan)

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