Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Eat what's on your plate! There are kids starving in Africa!"

How many times I heard that growing up! It got so I didn't believe my mom anymore about anyone starving! After all, we had enough to eat growing up, so didn't everyone? Well, I'm older and wiser now...I hope. And guess what....there ARE kids starving! 14,000 kids die each DAY from not getting enough food.

Many of the governments that are given aid for their people, either use themselves or sell it and buy weapons. Very little actually gets to the needy people. Outside sources have tried to drop supplies directly to the people but again, the governments get upset and block all they can.

Well, it seems that once again, Ethiopia is in trouble and the weather is not cooperating with them.

The area's apparent fertility is deceptive. Rains fell at the wrong time, reserves are dwindling and 50 percent of the area's two million inhabitants are facing what aid workers have labelled a "green famine".

Read the whole story here.

What is interesting, is that it is being called a "Green" famine. It seems that it didn't get green on time. Not enough water to begin with and now that everything is green, it isn't producing enough.

Here is where I am having a hard time to remain neutral. I don't think they are using ENOUGH propaganda in this article. The ONLY reason I even clicked on it was because of the words "Green Famine". How can you have a green famine, I thought. Those two code words put together is what hooked me but while the article goes on to explain what is going on in Africa, it sounds like a broken record, sad to say. It sounds like a lecture from my mom when I was a kid. They need to get a good PR person who can come up with some fabulous new guilt words that will spur people into action against the governments who are not allowing food to get to their people.

At least a million people died in 1984; how many will die this year?

Now why is it that we can come up with super-fast computers, cars that can go 120+ miles/hour, send robots to Mars; yet we cannot feed the human race? Why do scratch that....HOW can we allow people to die from hunger? It's just some good healthy food. Why are governments so greedy that they would rather have a huge military presence yet allow their people to die...just who will they be defending if their people are all dead?

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