Thursday, March 17, 2011

AIDS tests come to South Africa's schools

Ok, I got real upset when I read THIS article.

Go read it and you'll see what I mean.

I'm not talking about whether or not it's right or wrong to test kids; I'm thinking the REASONS put forth for NOT testing are really .............what is the word? Moronic? It's like: "I don't want to get tested, so I won't know cause if I don't know then I won't have it"

THIS statement really burned my hide: "Children's advocates immediately called for caution, fearing that students would feel forced to take the test, even if they weren't emotionally prepared for a positive result."

What?????? Not prepared for the positive result? NO ONE is prepared for a positive result!!! But that doesn't mean we don't NEED TO KNOW!!!!

If I think I may have some kind of sickness, ESPECIALLY if I can pass it on, you can bet your last dollar I'M GONNA GET TESTED!!!!! How could I ever even THINK of putting someone else in danger just because I don't "want to know".......?

Where is my 'slap the stupid out them' stick?

Good grief, if these kids have AIDS, they NEED to know. AND they need to know how NOT to get it!

The faster growing group contracting hiv is heterosexual KIDS! 21 years and under.

Now whether or not it is RIGHT TO test them, they can refuse if they want to. So no one is forced to take the test.

I just really feel for these young ones who are NOT educated about HIV or who are forced into sex and contract it.

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