Saturday, March 5, 2011

do you like to read?

Are you a book hound like me? Well, my house has gotten too small to add many more books but all is not lost!!!

I have found a solution! (since the two libraries near me have run out of books)


and it doesn't cost me a penny!

I went to Amazon and downloaded their FREE Kindle for PC!

Now I've found dozens and dozens of FREE books to download. Everything from Thomas Paine's Common Sense to some favorite classics like: Treasure Island and White Fang. I even found a Star War's book for FREE!!!

It is a nice piece of soft ware and so far I've not had a bit of trouble with it.

did I mention it is ALL FREE?

Now the 2010 books may cost. But once you've seen those fairly cheap prices, you may want to spend a couple bucks.

Just go to and download the free kindle; then go to the "kindle store" and "search" for "free kindle book downloads" and you'll find dozens. There are a few in the list (that popped up for me) that did cost but the majority were free. Just click on the one step buy button on the upper right, it will take you to the buy page, click on the connect to kindle PC button and it all is sent wireless.

Have fun and don't forget to eat and drink!

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