Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New driving rules for teenagers in Michigan!

Only one passenger with the teen driver and NO driving after 10pm.

Seems to me that the more some "legislation" tries to prevent deaths one way, people will find new ways to kill themselves and others.


When I lived in CA, the teens there rarely died in car crashes; some were on motorcycles, one on a ATV trying to jump a creek bed, one was killed by the local drug king due to him fixing to turn evidence, one guy killed his wife with a gun, one walked into a train, and a variety of other ways.

Maybe these new laws will save some lives. We can hope so. But then again, why can't parents simply take responsibility for their kids and teach them the proper respect and responsibilities of driving?


  1. "Maybe these new laws will save some lives. We can hope so."

    Or maybe we should stand against all these laws "which are for our own protection", but realistically don't stop stupid, and serve only to limit Freedom.

    "Stupid is as stupid does", and no law will fix stupid...

  2. Hi Mayberry! glad you stopped by. It would be nice if parents taught their kids how to be more responsible. Where I live, farmers have their kids driving at like 8 (or sooner) and so when they get their first car/truck; they already know how to drive and are more responsible... there is no "stupid newness driving" with them.... well a lot less than the "town" kids who go out into the country and end up dead.

    With freedom comes personal responsibility and as we (or they) decline to take responsibility; they lose their freedoms.

    Then again, I didn't get my license until I was 18 and I've got a great driving record! lol!

    But I remember some of the stupid stuff I've done......


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