Saturday, March 5, 2011


Over the centuries, when a people became persecuted or oppressed they were able to flee to some other land. Today, people still flee to other lands when war comes knocking. Just look at some of the wars in Africa. However, so many are chased away, very very few find sanctuary or refuge.

Many years ago, the Pilgrims came here to America. And others came: the Irish, Jews, Germans, etc. Actually America has been a haven since before it was a country. We do NOT mind others coming but want them to do so legally. But it's not illegal aliens which are killing our country.

No. They are a symptom. Just as unemployment is a symptom. And the stock market and house market taking a nose dive.

Yes, our "Republic" is dying a painful death.

So what is the CAUSE? Dare I even put forth what I believe it is?

Sure why not....after all, it is still America right?

But let's get back to the word "refuge". Since there always was a place for people to literally run to....where will they go NOW?

Where can anyone go? Will our urge for "flight" due to the increasing pressures be able to be fulfilled? Or will we simply have to stay and stew in our anxiety? We can't get to Mars there anywhere else to "run away" to.

Nope. There are no "lands" available to run to anymore. None. Oh sure individually we can run and hideout in the "wilderness" places like deep in the mountains somewhere but as a people, there is no where to run to or hide.

And there are lot's of people ready to "begin again" and "get a fresh start" SOMEWHERE.

Where can we find refuge? Where we KNOW we are safe and can raise a family according to how WE feel is best?


Thus the pressure will continue to grow and grow and the root cause of the death of our country.....apathy..... will blow up and spark some major changes. Yes apathy will no longer be the cause of the death of our country but will transform into the cause of our 'release' from the pressures.

Because there is NO doubt...the pressure WILL either have to be eased or it will explode. And I think that it is going to explode.

Explode over something we've not yet thought of -maybe. Some small "straw" that will break it all apart.

Where will our refuge be for this day?

Maybe fleeing to the mountains is the answer, yet I don't really think so.
Maybe finding a cave to huddle in? perhaps.

I've been thinking about this a LOT lately. Of all the possibilities. Of all the disasters people are predicting to befall us shortly: from medical pandemic's to a dwarf star that is allegedly approaching our earth (in a 3600 year cycle) which will put the movie 2012 to shame.

Where could one find refuge in THAT scenario?

Supposedly our governments are already for 'anything' that happens with deep bunkers for the "chosen ones". It pretty much sucks to think that the worst of mankind would be the ones to be saved.


I don't think their bunkers will save them.

Because I DO think there is a "refuge". And you may not agree with me. But I do the best I can....I've got some food set back, enough to take care of my family for about a year...working on a two year supply. Got a few plans. But most of all, something I realized today is that I will always have a refuge, one I can count on -trust. And that is ...

yep, you guessed it: with God. :)

Ps 18:2

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