Thursday, March 24, 2011

the latest email scam! lol!

Greetings To You,

On behalf of the OBAMA FOUNDATION and UNITED NATIONS, we wish to notify you as a beneficiary of $1,500,000,00 USD in compensation of scam victims.

This is to bring to your notice that we are delegated from the OBAMA FOUNDATION and UNITED NATIONS in First City Monumental bank (FCMB) to pay 10 victims of scam $1,500,000,00 USD each.

Your E-mail ID was listed and approved for this payment as one of the scam victims to be paid this amount. You are to fill the appropriate form and submit to the bank.

[1] Full Names :___________________________________
[2] Contact address :______________________________
[3] Direct Telephone No : _________________________
[4] Occupation : __________________________________
[5] Country : _____________________________________

Managing Director of the First City Monumental bank (FCMB).

Below is they Representative contact in Colorado, USA on Bahave of (FCMB Bank) This was approved by National Bank of New York.

Name: Mr. Chris Hull – Executive Director (Transaction Banking) Colorado.

Let me repeat again, try to contact them immediately you receive this mail to avoid any further delay . You should also let me know through email as soon as you receive your fund today.

Yours Faithfully,
Pastor Goodluck.

hahahaha! If ONLY they had used proper grammar I MAY have been fooled....NOT!
I could use 1.5 BILLION dollars! Although our gov doesn't hand money out to poor people like me.

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