Friday, December 24, 2010

can your faith cost you a job?

It seems it may have for THIS professor.

I find myself in the same quandary. While I knew ahead of time that I would be judged "unworthy" or "not quite smart enough" due to my faith; after there ARE so many in the field of science that think there is NO ROOM for GOD in there; I was surprised at just how much it has been so. And I was also surprised by just HOW MANY HIDE their faith. Oh yeah, there are those who pretend to be of no faith.

I myself, cannot hide my faith. My reasoning is: if God did create everything, then he is the greatest scientist of all. I'm not afraid to acknowledge a God nor the wondrous things he has created! Including all the processes which keep it all going.

I mean do evolutionists REALLY think that creationists believe that God is independently creating each and every living thing even now? Yes they do.

I see so many evolutionists who have false ideas about what many creationists believe; but in their behalf, I ALSO see many creationists who have false ideas about what many evolutionists believe.

balance people!

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